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Secrets of Paris / December 2021 Inside this Issue: * Covid: Cautiously Optimistic * Christmas in Paris: Markets, Events, & Activities * Co-Working in an English Bookshop * The Best Place to Eat on the Champs Elysées * Video: What Does it Take to be a National Hero in France? * Eat With the Locals * Everything You Need to […]

Privatization of the Villa …

The Villa du Square just for you… it’s possible. By privatizing the house, its living room and its piano, its open kitchen on its enchanting garden you will be “as at home” in the respect of the time constraints related to the neighborhood. Several formulas are possible and we will adapt to your wishes to […]

Secrets of Paris

Inside this Issue: * The Changing Face of Paris: What to Expect When You Return * Latest Volunteer Opportunities in Paris * Unique Tours: The Many Sides of Black Paris (and How to Find Them) * Debate: ‘Françaises, Français’: Could the French Language Be LessS? * RATP App Makes Buying Transportation Tickets Easier & Cheaper […]

December 2020 in Paris… ! Yes we can …

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures: – Parisian restaurants are closed until January 20th. Have your food delivered to the Villa and take advantage of the lounge on the ground floor to eat there. – The Villa du Square ensures you a safe stay because the sanitary measures are of course respected. – And in […]

Paris after Covid… Paris so nice and peaceful !

In June 2020, the dream Paris is Paris with fewer cars, less noise and pollution, with time, space and air. Taste the Paris of Sunday mornings, the Paris of August, reserved for regulars and connoisseurs … In this month of June, to rediscover a taste for travel and to enjoy yourself by taking your time […]