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The elegant townhouse dating from 1924, was bought  by François-Christophe and Marie-Victoire Gicqueau in 2014 from the Portuguese Embassy who had used it  as a cultural center.

Other evidence of the past close at hand : the Villas Jeanneret and La Roche (UNESCO 2016) built in 1923 by the famous architect Le Corbusier juxtaposed the Villa du Square’s charming garden … . Modern architecture contrasts  with much older buildings close by.

Marie-Victoire and François-Christophe had always planned on opening their home to guests and they can offer now 5 rooms with all the necessary  modern conveniences. After several years’ experience in space planning and decorating, Marie-Victoire has worked tirelessly to redesign the layout of the house.

On crossing the threshold you will immediately become immersed by the houses’s atmosphere. In the entrance hall, ancient furniture such as a chair made during Louis XVI’s reign and painted black at the time of his death stands alongside some more contemporary furniture from the 1970’s.

The ground floor is dedicated to house guests who can relax in the small “Christian Dior” lounge decorated with furniture and paintings belonging to the famous fashion designer.  The grand piano is set aside for guests to use at their pleasure. During winter and cold weather, breakfast will be served here but in Spring an Summer time, guests may enjoy their breakfast in the jasmine scented garden.

The first floor consists of three rooms:  rooms I and II which can be connected and the large Deluxe  garden room. The other two bedrooms (III and IV) are located on the second floor. Each floor can be organised and rented as family spaces.

8-restaurantFrançois-Christophe has also  invested in a delightful Art Nouveau restaurant situated in a building designed by Hector Guimard in 1911. He will be delighted  to direct you to “Le Berger et les Poissons” located just a few minutes walk away, for a light dinner or a delicious lunch …